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District 191 provides safe and efficient transportation to special education students, and regular education students who qualify:

  • Grades K–5 students who live 1 mile or more from school
  • Grades 6–12 students who live 1.5 miles or more from school

The walking distance is defined as the shortest distance from the child’s residence by public walkway, street or highway to the assigned entrance of the school the student attends as measured by the District’s computerized GIS map.

Call Schmitty & Sons

Main Dispatch: 952-985-7500
After Hours: 952-985-7514

Most day-to-day questions concerning District 191 bus service should be addressed directly to Schmitty & Sons. 

  • A bus is late or the bus never came to the bus stop 
  • Your child left an item on the bus

Bus Information

Families will receive yellow postcards in the mail the week before school starts containing their bus number, bus stop location ,and time of morning pick up or afternoon drop off. Information is also available in ParentVUE.


Pay-to-Ride Option

A pay-to-ride option may be available for parents of students who don't qualify for transportation. The cost for the service, if it is available, will be $295.00 per student for the 2020-2021 school year.

Pay to Ride

Transportation Resources

Where is my bus? 

District 191 uses a GPS tracking system that allows families to see where their student's bus is along the route and an estimated time that it will arrive at their stop.


Call District 191 Transportation


Questions about regular and special education transportation can be directed to the District 191 Transportation Office.

  • You didn't receive bus information and can't find it on ParentVue
  • Questions about the location of the bus stop
  • Information about pay to ride